Division of Teacher Education, Leadership, and Research

Master of Education in Educational Administration and Supervision

The Master of Education degree in Education Administration and Supervision (MED-EAS) focuses on educational administration and supervision in public or independent school settings.

  • 30 hour program, 10 courses
  • can be completed in 1 year
  • all courses offered online
  • enroll any semester
  • focused on Professional Standards for Education Leaders (PSEL)
  • successful completion of the program and a passing SLLA score leads to licensure in Mississippi

#1  – Produce graduates who are instructional leaders, act with integrity, are change agents, focus on continuous improvement, and engage the larger community.
#2 – To serve participating educational leaders by sharing academic resources, providing avenues of collaboration, and facilitating relevant research.

The case study performed by Stanford University named the Educational Leadership Program one of the top 8 programs in the USA.

See statistics of our recent graduates in the field here.

In order to be completely admitted to a graduate program, applicants have to be admitted to the university and satisfy the standards set by the selected degree program.

M.Ed. Program of Study for all candidates
Educational Administration and Supervision Handbook

Application for Comprehensive Exam*

*Important Dates for Spring and Summer 2023 Comps
Spring 2023 Retake Comps Testing Date – Candidate chooses either date March 31, 2023 or April 1, 2023
Summer I 2023 Comps Testing Date – Candidate chooses either date June 16, 2023 or June 17, 2023
Summer II 2023 Comps Testing Date – Candidate chooses either date July 14, 2023 or July 15, 2023


Kathleen Lott
Program Advisor
P: 662-846-4368

Dr. Diana Ezell

Dr. Merideth Van Namen
Chair, Division of Teacher Education, Leadership, & Research
P: 662-846-4370
F: 662-846-4309